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Jeep Announces Exciting Five-Year Plan

May 07, 14 Jeep Announces Exciting Five-Year Plan

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Yesterday afternoon, the Jeep Brand announced its five-year business plan at the FCA Investor Meeting with some very exciting news regarding current and upcoming vehicle launches through 2018. Included in the announcement is news the Grand Cherokee will get a major refresh at the end of 2015, an all-new Wrangler will debut in 2017,...

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Field Review – SPOT Satellite Messenger Gen 3

Apr 30, 14 Field Review – SPOT Satellite Messenger Gen 3

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A few years ago a company called SPOT released a tiny little device that was a bit of a revolution for outdoor enthusiasts. With its ability to transmit GPS coordinates, send brief messages and issue an SOS if needed, the original Satellite Messenger became a hit with hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers and just about anyone else...

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4×4 Adventure in Southwest Colorado

Apr 30, 14 4×4 Adventure in Southwest Colorado

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As the week drew towards an end, my friends Ray, Jeff, and I packed our bags and drove our Jeeps to southern Colorado for a final mountain excursion before my return to Texas. Our campsite was about twenty miles from Medano Pass, a scenic off-highway trail that passes through the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve and...

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Field Review – ARB E-Z Tire Deflator

Airing down your tires before heading out on a muddy, sandy, or snow-infested trail can be the single-most effective way to have a successful off-road experience. A wider foot print will allow for a much more successful traverse along the trail. Different deflation options are out there, everything from using your vehicle key to...

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Summiting the San Juans’ Weather Peak

Apr 30, 14 Summiting the San Juans’ Weather Peak

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Wetterhorn Peak comes from the German word ‘weather’ and I think it’s safe to say why this mountain was named as such. I had been trying to climb this mountain for the past two years but had been turned down three times by the possibility of rain and bad weather. However, with the fall months having finally approached and the...

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Mountain Biking in Breckenridge

Apr 30, 14 Mountain Biking in Breckenridge

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After having delighted in a fun-packed Saturday on the trails of Colorado Springs in our Jeeps, it was now time to hit the trails of Breckenridge on our mountain bikes. Breckenridge is predominately a resort ski town located about two hours west of Colorado Springs and about an hour northeast of Buena Vista. The town is ensconced...

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