Bestop Trektop NX Glide Soft Top for Jeep JK

Summer time is top-down time for Jeep owners, so I was looking forward to letting the sun in by replacing my Wrangler Unlimited’s hardtop with Bestop’s new top-of-the-line Trektop NX Glide soft top. This top gives unmatched convertible versatility and functionality to 2007-2017 Jeep® Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited models and is a further refinement of the most popular soft top on the market — the Trektop NX. Like the NX, The NX Glide continues the popular fastback look with the addition of a new folding frame design that requires no disassembly and folds just like a convertible top. The Glide designation refers to the new zipperless side and rear panels that easily slide in and out. The combination of the slide-out panels and Sunrider® flip-back top give multiple possible configurations: easy flip-open Sunrider® panel, full bikini top, or top-down convertible.


Bestop lists the skill level required to install the NX Glide as moderately difficult with an installation time of four hours. While a bit complex, I found the process more tedious than difficult; installation will definitely require the help of a second person. If you are the type that uses the instructions to find out why you have all those parts left over at the end, you will quickly find yourself in the deep end of this project. While thorough, the instructions require close attention to detail and strict following of the assembly order. A friend and I installed the Trektop on my hard top-equipped 4-door Wrangler Unlimited with minimal tools and it took the full four hours to complete the task, including the removal of the hardtop. There is a fair amount of sub assembly required before the actual attachment of the top frame, top, and window panels. Fitment and quality of all the pieces were superb and worked as expected. Once the frame is assembled and fitted to the Jeep, the final steps of attaching the top and side panels go quickly thanks to the zipperless side and rear panels.


Once the top is on, it is obvious that this is a well thought-out, quality piece. The flip-back Sunrider® panel features twin zippered mesh pockets for storing small items and anyone who has struggled with the balky zippers on the side panels of a standard soft top will quickly appreciate the slide-out feature of the dark tinted side and rear panels. The lack of zippers and snaps makes the flip-open, bikini top, or top down configurations quick and simple.


Shortly after we finished the top, a well-timed rain storm answered my first question — is it water tight? It is. There were no leaks or drips anywhere to be found. A second question was how the top performed on and off road. At highway speeds, there is a slight ballooning that is common to all soft tops, but no flapping or whistling. In fact, the top was unexpectedly quiet. As for the off-road performance, while I have yet to take it on the trail, there were no squeaks or rattles and the interior remained clean while on a rough and dusty back road.


My only nit-pick will likely only be noticed by those replacing the factory hardtop with the NX Glide. The loss of the hardtop’s lift-up back glass makes the access to the rear cargo area much more restricted since the back panel remains in place when the tailgate is opened. However, unlike most other tops, the slide-in tailgate bar eliminates the need to unfasten the rear panel in order to open the rear gate, so I suppose it’s a trade-off in the end.


Bestop has a real winner with the new Trektop NX Glide. The top offers exclusive features, simple operation, attractive fastback style and unmatched versatility in a very high quality product to let the sun shine in.

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