BC Overland Rally

The first annual BC Overland Rally, modeled after the highly regarded NW Overland Rally, just wrapped up at British Columbia’s Sasquatch Mountain Resort. Canada finally has a gathering point for the overland tribe, with around 500 people gathering in this small mountain resort for this first installment. The event drew travelers from as far away as Germany, California and Saskatchewan, but mostly consisted of the core off road and overland enthusiasts from all around BC.

While the event was truly about all the amazing people, tales around the campfire and plethora of learning opportunities throughout the long weekend, you can only really absorb all that awesome if you come out and experience it for yourself, which hopefully you’ll do next year. What you can however appreciate from afar, after the fact and online is the wide range of truly impressive off road machinery that was in attendance this year. As an American I most enjoyed the newer Delica and Defender that we just can’t have this side of the border.

Here are 50 of the most impressive rigs from around the first annual BC Overland Rally, which gives you a good cross section of the diversity of adventuremobile in attendance.

50 Adventuremobiles from BC Overland Rally


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